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Sunday, January 18, 2009

reunited and it feels so good!

last month, these two igorota siblings reunited at kenny rogers' roasters restaurant at sta. lucia east grand mall in cainta, rizal, philippines.

their adoptive travel buddies, namely, fortuitous faery from new jersey and gingmaganda from cainta couldn't believe they'd meet again after only nine months.

at the dinner date, they anticipated sailormoon (now also a blogger for miss iggy) to join them, but she couldn't make it at the last minute. she was super-thoughtful, though, for sending us christmas gifts and delicious treats from breadtalk via personal courier. the pastry treats even had sticky notes to indicate the flavor. fortuitous faery loooves the "spicy floss." this is THE kind of floss you'd love to sink your teeth into!

fortuitous faery and gingmaganda caught up with each other's lives and discussed miss iggy's progress and potential recruits over kenny rogers' chicken meals. after that, they wrote a little critique of the dining experience, because the waitress was a little persistent that we do so.

the comment reads, "the wall containing kenny rogers' picture is dilapidated...needs some renovating to encourage people to enjoy their meal."


roentare said...

I even feel so excited that they are now together! I never knew there were two to start with!

Anonymous said...

hello miss iggy, i love your posts. they're cool, very current, and humorous. it's a pity i just stumbled on it now. rest assured you have a regular reader in me.

i included this blog as one of the note worthy blogs to read in my recent list of "bloggables". i also added a link to this blog in my blog roll.

keep on doing the good job you guys are doing.

Cheers from a,

fortuitous faery said...

roentarre: there's actually more than 2! haha, such is the plight of mere rss-readers...they don't see the whole picture! :P

sagada-igorot: thank you for being a frequent visitor to miss iggy's blog and for featuring her in yours!

we hope we're doing justice to the igorota doll as it represents a tribe rich in culture in heritage.

i'm about to do a page about the girls that blog for miss iggy...however, i'm not sure if one of us is from benguet or has igorot roots. i can tell you though that the one in cambodia (sreisaat) and myself are pure ilonggos. :)

currently, there are 5 of us blogging for miss iggy and have just recruited two more ladies.

this blog hopes to promote awareness in filipino culture and tourism and travel in general. by using miss iggy, we strive to be unique from other blogs.

thanks again for your support! :)

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I always enjoy looking at your pictures here and I thought to give you a Lemonade just in case you are thirsty with all the travellings.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, fickleminded!

escape said...

hehehe... i wish to see them talking.

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