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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Manila International Bookfair 2008


it's great that events like these are so well-attended that it rivals the population density of divisoria during christmas time. according to a recent study by the Philippine National Book Development Board, the number of Filipinos who consider reading as a hobby has increased. and with events like these, where a multitude books are sold at discount prices, love for reading will still go strong in the midst of cybertechnology and instant gratification.

miss igorota is happy to meet some of the best-known book characters in Filipino Childrens Literature:

si Matsing at Pagong. (monkey and turtle). monkey thinks it is better to plant the upper half of the banana tree, the one with leaves and thinks that he has outwitted the turtle who took the lower half.

errr... miss iggy forgot to check who this is. she could be some important bird though, heh.

with mariang makiling. a goddess who lives in the mountain and helps the people.

and juan tamad (lazy juan) displaying an extreme case of vegetarianism. rather than plucking the fruit off the branch and hurting the entire tree, he waits for the fruit to fall naturally and land in his mouth. or he could be just the laziest bum ever. we don't know for sure.

the book fair ends today. kudos to Ilustrador ng Kabataan (InK) for the utterly wonderful sculptures. most books are published by Adarna House.

more photos here.


fortuitous faery said...

ang saya! this was at sm mall of asia, right? (according to google, hehe).

cute tableaus...wonder if that yellow creature is related to sesame street's big bird, hehe. maybe it's ibong adarna? :P

did you buy any interesting books?

missP said...

nakaka tuwa naman ang escapades ni miss Iggy...

I miss the book fairs in Manila terribly. I used to accompny my mom before sa booth nila whenever there was a bookfair, supposedly to help man the booth. but i always ended up sticking my nose in one of the books until i finished it. hehehe.

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