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Monday, September 22, 2008

oh, down into the terminal both of us smiled

It’s gotten quite cold in Vienna in the past two weeks, and although Miss Igorota is used to the cool Benguet breeze, she’s freezing! Just look at her cheeks, they’re all red from the cold weather.

Here she just alighted from the S-Bahn, also known as Schnellbahn (Fast Train in English). The S-bahn is the train of choice for commuters traveling from the suburbs to the city and back.

Miss Igorota at the Praterstern terminal:

According to Wikipedia, the station is being used by 35,000 people daily and is 6,000 square-meter big. Behind Miss Igorota, one can see the Riesenrad, the ferris wheel that’s one of Vienna’s sights to see.


gingmaganda said...

hohoho yesss! now we are three countries! wilkommen! wilkommen!

fortuitous faery said...

guten tag, ody and miss iggy! ahh, so that's what the "S" in s-bahn stands for! hehe.

it's starting to get colder in jersey too.

yes, we are a trimuvirate! a trio!

Princess Ody said...

oh ja, miss igorota will conquer the world!

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