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Friday, October 17, 2008

pier 17

miss iggy reached pier 17 at south street seaport, where she can either shop at this mall or hop on a ferry boat to see the new york city waterfalls: a public art fund exhibit by olafur eliasson. the exhibit ended on oct. 13th.

the ferry boats can take you on a cruise to see the manhattan skyline or even to nearby statue of liberty. there are also ships docked here, one of them being a museum.


ESCUDERO said...

Hi - Thank you for visiting my site. By the way, I love your dolls. They're awesome.

Sorry, I wouldn't dare add Palin to my painting. I love the lady.
she's wonderful!

Ok take care - Bye

iceah said...

so the dolls name is miss igorota c: nice c: just read the story about you on the left c:

i'll be a frequent visitor here na rin c: love your dolly c:

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