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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

goin' greek

Miss Iggy on top of the White Tower of Thessaloniki, longingly looking over the city and wondering where she could eat.

Because Thessaloniki is a port city, the fish and seafood are delivered fresh to the restaurants. Very yummy. Olive oil and feta cheese are everywhere.

The Greek sweets, on the other hand, are verrrry verrrry sweet. The most famous sweet pastry is the baklava. Miss Iggy, however, ordered something else:

She pointed at the menu full of Greek alphabetical characters and got a super sweet crepe filled with nuts, white chocolate cream, syrup and nuts.

Greek coffee. A richer version of the regular mocha drink.


Gem said...

Thank you for sharing Ms. Igorota. I would not appreciate very very sweet sweets!

I wish to have a quick taste of that Greek coffee though.

fortuitous faery said...

looks like a busy seaside place from where miss iggy is standing! great view!

wow, the crepe looks sinfully sugary. hehe.

Princess Ody said...

it was too sweet, even for miss igorota! i think she still prefers strawberry jam

Fly High said...

Going Greek ... naku ha, may ibang connotation yan sa ibang segment ng society :-).

fortuitous faery said...

haha, good ol' strawberry jam! :)

flyhigh: do you mean "going greek" as in joining a fraternity or sorority...or is it a different type of slang that's perhaps perverse? :P

gingmaganda said...

homaygaaad, i want that crepe!

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