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Friday, December 12, 2008

First tuk-tuk ride

first tuk-tuk ride

Miss Igorota's first tuk-tuk ride.
Exhilirating, dizzying, super-fast! You grab on to your seat, and once it started rolling you can't help but grin -- you know, the kind of nervous grin you have when you get on a roller-coaster ride because most tuk-tuk drivers transform into madmen once they hit the road. It's like being whisked from point A to point B at a very alarming speed.

According to Wikipedia:

An auto rickshaw or tuk tuk (auto, rick, autorick or rickshaw in popular parlance) is a motor vehicle that is one of the chief modes of transport across many parts of South and East Asia, especially as a vehicle for hire. It is a motorized version of the traditional rickshaw or velotaxi, a small three-wheeled cart driven by a person, and is related to the cabin cycle.

For those who haven't been on this side of Asia, Miss Igorota recommends a tuk-tuk ride for first-timers in the city. It is an essential and a fun way to see the city. Tourists and barangs (expats) in Phnom Penh are usually seen riding tuk-tuks, but now, more and more locals are starting to use tuk-tuks to commute compared to the moto-dops (moto-taxis). It's suppose to hold only 4 passengers, but the humble four-wheeled tuktuk can hold as much as a dozen or more. Plus a number of chickens, pigs, sacks of rice... figure that out. Miss Igorota reckons that , apart from having four wheels and a bigger body size, tuk-tuks are similar to traysikels (tricycle) back in the Philippines.


fortuitous faery said...

i wanna ride this, too! what a view!

Princess Ody said...

looks like an exciting ride!

Ken said...

That is so cool! Inggit ako kay Miss Igorota! Has she ridden a tricycle too?

Sreisaat said...

Hmmmm, I'm not sure Ken. Let's ask FF :)

fortuitous faery said...

to answer ken: yes, she rode a tricycle in san mateo, rizal...but i forgot to take a photo of her. she was in my purse at the time. :P

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