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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


aboard korean air, miss iggy discovered the gastronomical delights of bibimbap, a famous korean dish which literally means "mixed rice." the rice bowl meal consists of various sliced vegetables and ground beef which you mix together with rice.

the meal comes with a tube of hot pepper paste or "gochujang" that you squeeze into the rice mixture and then mix some more for a spicy flavor. it's an essential condiment that completes the meal.

korean air actually sells their own tubes of hot pepper paste in their inflight magazine in packs of 5 (30g each) for $7.


Sreisaat said...

Wow - I love bibimbap, too! I was introduced to Korean food by my Japanese housemate (o di ba, Haponesa pa yan) in 2003... and the rest is history. I also know how to whip up a mean bibimbap myself - thanks to the Korean store here, I can get all the ingredients that I need. You are right, the gochujan completes the meal - they actually put it on almost everything! Mahilig ba sa spicy food si Miss Iggy?

fortuitous faery said...

hmmm...i gotta try your version of bibimbap when i visit you in cambodia someday! hehe.

miss iggy and me love to eat! i gotta watch my diet from now on, though! seriously! haha.

Sreisaat said...

Sure. Deal. :)

I have to watch my diet, too, but there's always tomorrow *lol*

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