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Friday, December 26, 2008

pork que?

miss iggy wants to keep the ball (of ham) rolling by posting a photo of herself enjoying an actual glazed ham (jamon) from jersey city--new jersey's own filipino district where filipino food items can be bought.

the ham is truly the star of many a filipino family's noche buena feast. "noche buena" which literally means "good night" in spanish, is the traditional christmas eve feast shared by the family after hearing the midnight mass on christmas eve. another noche buena staple (not shown in photo) is the queso de bola or ball of cheese. see the spanish influence on the philippines?

meanwhile, here are some of miss iggy's favorite gifts...first is a harajuku lovers fragrance by gwen stefani. not only does it smell cute, the bottle itself is cute, because it has a cutified version of gwen.

she also got a mini attache case-shaped business card holder. she wants to travel with it! haha.

miss iggy hopes everyone had a wonderful holiday...what gifts did you get? miss iggy reminds everyone, though, that "the best gifts are those tied with heartstrings."


roentarre said...

This is sooo much fun. I am starting to get fond of this doll

fortuitous faery said...

thank you, roentarre!

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