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Monday, December 8, 2008

Suosdei from Phnom Penh!

Ladies (and gentlemen), I am happy to say that Ms. Igorota, or Ms. Iggy, finally made it to Cambodia! Her arrival in Phnom Penh was delayed because of the recent stand-off at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, and I was glad it didn't take too long for the stand-off to be over and for the flights to resume. Now that she's here, I hope she won't mind (and that she'll get used to, in no time, to) the heat, humidity, and the gazillion of bugs she will encounter here after being in the US state of New Jersey for quite a while.

Above is the General Post Office in Phnom Penh where we picked up Ms. Iggy. Standing proudly in what was once Phnom Penh's French Quarter, the Post Office is one of the few preserved colonial French buildings in the capital and a reminder of what the French has left in the country. There were several other French-style buildings all over Phnom Penh but most were destroyed by the Khmer Rouge, or torn down to make way for new apartment buildings, or worse, left to rot. Taking a stroll with Ms. Iggy in the French Quarter in the coming days will definitely be in our itinerary.


Princess Ody said...

wow! welcome to the sisterhood, zj!

gingmaganda said...

hooray hooray! welcome to the sisterhood!

Sreisaat said...

Salamat, salamat, mga Sis!!

fortuitous faery said...

welcome to the sisterhood, zj! group hug, group hug! :)

i love miss iggy's first photo in phnom penh! looking forward to her travels there!

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