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Friday, January 2, 2009

boom na boom!


Boom na Boom Carnival used to be one of the best-known Christmas carnivals in Metro Manila. but when Miss Iggy dropped by for a visit it seemed more like a ghost town than anything else.

here's hoping though that everything else is still booming! especially in 2009!


Sreisaat said...

Would you believe, sa edad kong ito, I have never been to Boom na Boom?? Kawawa naman ako *lol* The only place my parents took me to was Fiesta Carnival in Cubao.

TH said...

yeah its booming every where with fireworks.

fortuitous faery said...

here's wishing the economy booms first...haha.

i remember going to boom na boom as a kid...and fiesta carnival! but they put something else in its place in cubao. :(

the donG said...

i also passed by that area. it's sad that there's nothing to see anymore except the go cart trail.

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