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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cruising along downtown manila


last month, miss iggy got to sit in manila traffic going towards quiapo. it was drizzling that day. you can't really call it "cruising," more like "crawling."


she passed by raon, considered the mecca of all things electronic, especially for those on a budget. it's the place to buy every filipino's favorite singing companion, the "magic mic"--for much cheaper compared to department stores.


she also passed by quiapo church, home of the black nazarene whose feast day was just a few days ago.


and then she noticed how this sign which says "no crossing, it's fatal" is on a pink billboard. the MMDA (metro manila development authority) sure "thinks pink". the only logical explanation miss iggy can think of is that pink is cute enough a color to be eye-catching. don't be a daredevil and cross this part of the road, though, that just won't be cute!


and last but not least, a billboard of the "people's champ," manny pacquiao advertising a motorbike. it says, "ride like a champ!" manny pacquiao is the philippines' boxing hero whose life is a true rags-to-riches story. he's also known as the "pacman," "pambansang kamao" (national fist)...and miss iggy's personal favorite: "the mexicutioner," for having defeated so many mexican boxers.

pacquiao is so popular now that he's probably outdone the" megastar" sharon cuneta in terms of product endorsements.


Allan Barredo said...

Naku lalo na dun sa GenSan, si Pacman e god status na yata dun :D

fortuitous faery said...

you're very right, allan! i was in south cotabato last month, on the day of his boxing match against dela hoya! :P

thanks for dropping by!

the donG said...

i can see isetan recto in the background. manny is everywhere. hehehe...

fortuitous faery said...

isettan recto nga, dong! hehe

Marites said...

kakatuwa si Miss Iggy kung saan-saan napupunta maski maulan:)

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