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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

jersey iggy meets mr. snowman

late afternoon, miss iggy saw another round of snow falling in the backyard of her jersey home. she met mr. snowman, whose eyes and nose were made of seashells, arms made of twigs and a mohawk made of shrubbery.

miss iggy's been told that "snowmen melt your heart," so she tried to keep things platonic.

the weather forecast for the inauguration of U.S. president barack obama in washington, D.C. on january 20th speaks of snow flurries and a temperature of 30 degrees fahrenheit.

here's something that'll warm people's hearts across the united states on inauguration day: krispy kreme doughnuts is giving away free doughnuts nationwide!


Sidney said...

Hehehe...cute snowman!
Wow ! free doughnuts ! I hope I can avail my free doughnut in Manila's Krispi Kreme ! ;-)

the donG said...

hahaha... cute indeed. i hope they were able to share some of their cultural experience.

Angie R said...

Hahahaha....your Mr. Snowman in the 2nd pic looks so funny and weird. Are his eyes made of seashells? My son Bearbear said - how come your snowman has no mouth? LOL.....

fortuitous faery said...

so nice of you to drop by, sidney! sadly, the free krispy kremes are only available in the US? hehe.

dong: they whispered sweet nothings. haha.

angie: yes, his eyes and nose are made of seashells...i ran out of them to make a mouth. it's too cold to sculpt a snowman outside! haha. my apologies to bearbear! :P

the donG said...


doi said...

This is sooo cute! ehehehe

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