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Friday, January 2, 2009

lobsterrific new year

miss iggy hopes everyone had a great new year's eve celebration. she wants to share how she celebrated hers. a tradition in her new jersey home is serving nice, red lobsters.

then there are the round food items that are supposed to bring good luck such as the glutinous rice cake known as "puto,"

ball of cheese or queso de bola,

and something sweet for a year of sweet tidings, such as this pandan roll

it snowed on new year's eve, making for a chilly celebration. for folks who stayed indoors such as miss iggy, she simply watched the traditional "ball drop" in times square on tv.

miss iggy marveled at the people who trooped to the city despite the 20-degree fahrenheit (6 degrees celsius!) weather...

...just to watch a glittery, disco-type ball descend upon the neon lights during the final ten seconds. she believes, however, that watching the ball drop live in times square is one of the things a person should experience in his lifetime.

as a new year's gift, miss iggy would like to send a surprise gift in the mail for the first five people to comment on this post. the gift will be sent to an address you'll provide once you are notified by email. fellow miss iggy bloggers are disqualified from joining, since they'll be getting theirs soon. :)


Sreisaat said...

We were watching the countdown on CNN yesterday and Miss Iggy and I thought we saw you among the thousands of revelers at the Times Square... hehehe. We didn't have any food prepared on NY's eve as we were planning to go out that night, but it rained heavily, so stayed at home instead :)

roentarre said...

Mmmmm so yummy in deed. I love this quite a lot. Great shot againg for Miss Iggy!

fortuitous faery said...

zj: it would have been near suicidal to be in times square in that kind of weather! haha. welcome back!

roentarre: the lobsters are beckoning you, aren't they? hehe. thanks!

gingmaganda said...

yummeh lobster!

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