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Friday, January 9, 2009

miss iggy has gone bamboo!

what exactly does it mean to have "gone bamboo" or to "go bamboo"? miss iggy googled around for answers and found out that the phrase originated from western men in the military being sent to bamboo-growing regions in the fareast (such as thailand, vietnam, etc.) and have decided to never return to their homelands and instead adopt a native, idyllic lifestyle in their chosen countries.

coincidentally, it's also the title of a novel by travel channel host ("no reservations") anthony bourdain. miss iggy is excited that mr. bourdain is featuring the philippines in one of the episodes of his new season! according to this one lucky blogger, anthony went to cebu, and he met him in person!

conniechiwa thought this filipino guy blew all chances of the philippines being featured on the show when his video submission lost to a saudi girl. hey, andrew zimmern has been to the philippines for his "bizarre foods" show, anthony should too!

miss iggy is originally from a pine-growing region in the highlands of benguet province. so when she descended to manila and went to all these places, one can say that miss iggy has not only "gone bamboo," but she's also "gone jersey," "gone euro," "gone khmer," "gone outback"...and really, her goal is to "go global!"


roentarre said...

Bamboos are my favorite plants to photograph. Very oriental!

fortuitous faery said...

indeed...and did you know that they're actually grass? :P

the donG said...

wow! this is exciting. it's really nice when we get to see the philippines being featured positively in shows and papers.

i think miss iggy is earning a lot of miles from these trips. hehehe...

fortuitous faery said...

i'm excited, too, dong! i love anthony bourdain's show on the travel channel. can't wait for this episode! i have two of his books, too. :)

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