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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mowelfund Film Institute


mr and miss iggy outside the mowelfund film institute in quezon city, philippines. mowelfund stands for Movie Workers Welfare Foundation and was founded by ex-Philippine President Joseph Estrada, who, before taking on a career in politics, was a local action star.

Mowelfund assists movie workers (actors, actresses, directors, stuntmen, and the rest of the production crew) and also gives workshops and seminars on directing, cinematography, photography and other film-related concerns. much of the big names in Philippine cinema got their start here, and it is a well-known haven for independent filmmakers.

Mowelfund used to be just an office inside a house with a lanai where the workshops are conducted. around 2002, a new building was built which would house a sound studio, photography darkrooms, lecture rooms and offices for the staff. it now also holds a museum as the banner suggests in the picture.

miss igorota blogger gingmaganda owes much of her independent film career to this institution.


fortuitous faery said...

miss iggy sure is lucky to be traveling with a movie maven, among other things.

i'm really just waiting for you to tell me you're joining the tribeca film festival in new york. miss iggy and i will be your entourage! hehe.

i can see it now..."miss iggy:the movie"! hehe.:P

fortuitous faery said...

and so miss iggy has decided to travel with his significant other, eh? :P

gingmaganda said...

yes, mr, iggy is up and about and hopes it will bring better feng shui hee-hee.

tribeca sounds interesting. even more interesting would be when i decide to make my next film. ha.

fortuitous faery said...

what about the dvd you sent me about capiz? :)

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