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Monday, January 12, 2009

see you in singapore...

miss igorota, in all her purple glory, just left for singapore, where she's about to meet her purple highness, dyowsa. (pronounced "JOE-suh", is a variation in spelling of the filipino word meaning "goddess.")

miss igorota hopes to arrive in time for dyowsa's wedding in february in the philippines, so she can sneak into her luggage and gaze at the beauty of caleruega church in batangas where the wedding will be. take a peek at their cool wedding invite!

miss iggy left jersey soil on a very snowy saturday, so she can't wait to be in warmer weather. (it's been one snowstorm after another)

miss iggy hopes dyowsa doesn't mind she looks like a purple carrot with those green threads sticking out of her head...they're just part of her packaging, anyway.

bon voyage, purple iggy! hope you don't get lost in transit, and say hello to the merlion for us!


The Becky said...

yey! im crossing my fingerlings she'll make it on time. i dont mind a purple carrot (check wedding motif. egad!)--believe me. :P the merlion?? by all means! :)

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

miss igorota is such a wanderlust, I envy you, hehe... Enjoy SG!

the donG said...

wow! lucky! lucky! i wish that doll can speak. she'll be extra grateful for sure.

roentarre said...

Enjoy Singapore for sure! A heavenly place to visit but make sure no chewing gums!

Princess Ody said...

wow, the sisterhood is growing! welcome!

gingmaganda said...

too bad Sao Feng died! nagkita sana sila! hahahaha!

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