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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

if the shoe fits!

this little iggy went to market--that is, polomolok public market in south cotabato, philippines. (december 2008)

what amused miss iggy at this particular market was that it had a huge inventory of second-hand shoes more than anything else that you'd normally see in a public market. these used shoes were imported from various countries, most notably the neighboring ones such as taiwan, hongkong, and korea. this is the countryside version of salvation army-type thrift stores. generally, filipinos call these "ukay-ukay", from the root word "ukay" which means to dig into a pile to search for your second-hand treasure. as they say, "one person's trash is another one's treasure!"

it seems the people of polomolok have a foot fetish! (warning: not for the faint of nose and germaphobes!) good luck finding your size!


Marie Reed said...

I can NEVER find my size. Too many people wear size 38. SHops are always out when I find shoes that I like:

Marie Reed said...

How was your vacation? :)

fortuitous faery said...

marie: my sister has a funnier shoe misfortune....most of the time, when she finds the perfect shoe at the mall on clearance, the other pair is missing! hence preventing her from buying it! :P

miss iggy has a few more photos from the philippine trip, but will resume posting them after easter. in the meantime, jersey iggy and i are enjoying southern comfort in myrtle beach! :)

Ken said...


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