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Friday, May 8, 2009

miss iggy's first blogoversary giveaway!

jersey iggy was recently in sunny florida to cavort through disney world and universal studios. while at disney world, she noticed that most people there had something to celebrate. there were kids wearing buttons that said, "it's my birthday!" or lovely couples celebrating an upcoming wedding or anniversary.

well, miss iggy had something to celebrate herself, her traveling blog is turning a year old this month!

that's why she's sharing this wonderful occasion with all of you nice people out there who have kept her company in her travels. she's giving away this lovely little travel journal with a luggage tag detail that says, "life's a trip"--essentially miss iggy's mantra!

this travel journal is partly made of simulated leather and is a hallmark brand. this retails for $10. fortuitous faery almost doesn't want to give it away! haha. aside from this journal, miss iggy is also adding some assorted postcards from places she's been to.

how do you win this? easy!

just leave a comment on this post telling miss iggy where she should go and WHY. it could be your favorite travel destination, where you live, or where you've recently been to. tell her what sight or experience she shouldn't miss in that place. that's all!

just make sure you leave a valid email address in your comment where you can be reached in case you win this contest. deadline for entries is 11:59PM on may 31st, 2009 EST. the winner will be chosen randomly via randomizer. note: miss iggy correspondents are disqualified from entering...sorry, girls! otherwise, this contest is open to participants worldwide!

so don't just stare, come join the celebration!


Lin said...

Oh, congratulations, Ms. Iggy, on one year of blogging! What an accomplishment. Um, I'm thinking you should post from Martha's Vineyard. It is a lovely place to visit and we enjoyed out time there. I'd send you to my favorite vacation place in Kentucky, but I don't want everyone knowing my secret Utopia!

The Becky said...

aww. :( you do know that I have an alter ego from far far away, noh? :) and we're not (even) related! :P

Sreisaat said...

Nice giveaways, FF.
Wahooo! 'Sang-taon-na-pala-ang-paglalakwatsa-ni-miss-igorota!

the donG said...

so cool! first congratulations for that one year of blogging!

where do i want to see ms iggy? hmmm... it might be great if she can go with me to lake sebu where i can introduce her to the tboli tribe. another indigenous tribe of the philippines. the clothes that they weave are similar to that of the cordillera region.

Kat C. said...

Miss Igorota,

Please come to my hometown, Surigao city, Philippines, Home of the Siargao Islands, the SURFING CAPITAL of the country!

You'd love the sand, surf and the pristine beaches!

katch05 at gmail dot com

MsRay said...

Congratulations on your first blog anniversary. I celebrate my first year anniversary on May 30th.

Where should your next stop be? Definitely, the Rainbow State of HAWAII! I know you will enjoy the white sandy beaches with its crystal blue waters, almost perfect weather, the DOUBLE rainbows, the yum yum yummy Hawaiian food which is a fusion of Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Polynesian dishes, the luau where you can try your skills in hula, you can go snorkeling and commune with the fish, climb dormant volcanoes, go surfing... the list is endless. So pack your bags- don't forget to bring your tsinelas, plenty of shorts and swimwear and your camera. When you're not swimming and eating, you will be busy clicking that cam.


www.wanderlass.com said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations on a fun group blog. I just came back from Bangkok and although it's not my first time to go there, it's been ages. I was able to experience it this time as a traveler on vacation and did quite of sightseeing and shopping. Oh shopping. It is what they said. It's the shopping haven!

ms firefly said...

yay, what a blast, 1st blogoversary!

i say, ms. iggy should see ireland, the lovely rocky cliffs, the wicklow mountain in the summertime picking blackberries and mushrooms along the way, drink a pint at the temple bar, gaze high to the pinnacle of the spire in the city centre, or to simply sit in my kitchen with tea and biscuits, watching the rain beat against the window panes...

congratulations girls!

kleine anne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kleine anne said...

hey, happy anniversary! one year na kayo, Glückwünsche! and i am so happy that i have been with miss iggy in one of her travels (germany)... ;) hope to see more pictures of your travel, like amsterdam, paris, seoul, and of course other places in the philippines not featured here yet... again, congratulations!

Vera said...

Happy Blogaversary Miss Iggy!

You should go to Sagada, Mt. Province and get to know your (our) Igorot roots :) That would be a perfect way to celebrate your one year of travels.

Take a photo inside Sumaguing (big) cave, then another by the Bomod-ok (big) falls. It is heaven on earth. :)

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