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Saturday, May 9, 2009

mr. iggy goes to bicol

mr. iggy recently visited the province of bicol - home to the world famous mt. mayon, scrumptious laing,
sweet pili nuts and other exotic delicacies.
this photo was taken outside the airport of legazpi city, the center of albay district.

mt. mayon is the main attraction of the province of bicol. this name was derived from the bikol word "magayon" which literally means beautiful. erupting more than 40 times over the last two centuries, this active volcano towers over the entire bicol region, rising at 2,462 meters above seal level.

they say you haven't been to bicol if you haven't been to bigg's diner. it is the biggest fast food chain in the entire province. bigg's diner is known for its wide variety of food - from burgers to pasta to laing. mr. iggy sampled their famous all-day breakfast combo meal of spanish chorizo, scrambled eggs & garlic rice. very yummy indeed.


Daniy! said...

Miss Igorota is a lovely character. How could digg such ideas.? Blogging via a puppet. You make me remember about Gorillaz band. Nicve blog, though! :)

fortuitous faery said...

one of my dream destinations in luzon--mayon volcano! never knew about the volcano's etymology...so, thanks for sharing! :)

Sreisaat said...

Blast from the past! Yan ang na-experience ko ng makita ko ito. It's been a long time since I visited Bicol region (not province). I worked in Naga and Legazpi cities for a TV company back in the late 90s and I used to have an office in Legazpi with a magnificent view of Mayon volcano. Of course, the best place to go when it comes to food is Biggs Diner. Icon na yata yan. Sarap ng kanilang mga combo meals dyan plus bottomless pa ang iced tea (noon)! Thanks for sharing, Sailormoon :)

the donG said...

the stunningly beautiful mayon. iggy should pose with it.

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