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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

feeling at home

hi all, thanks for the warm welcome. *blush*
miss iggy haven't been anywhere special yet, as she's still recovering from jetlag from her long MNL-DUB flight.
she loves our back garden though with the overgrown grass, and gladly posed to celebrate ireland's lovely summer-y weather.

and here she is again, getting acquainted with mr. firefly.
they had a nice conversation it seemed, i even heard mr. firefly counting
from one to ten in Filipino to show off his skills.

anywho, we are very much delighted to be part of the sisterhood.
we're looking forward to be reporting soon what's up and about around here.

bedankt en een prettige dag!

ms. firefly & ms. iggy


fortuitous faery said...

thanks for sending us flowers! and congrats on your first post!

i really like her smile. what's her lipstick? :P

she looks really happy in dublin. she's already learning dutch!

ms firefly said...

nyahaha, she wears a special faber castell lip liner. ^-^

Princess Ody said...

hello, irish iggy and ms. firefly!

her make-up is great, i agree

Emm said...

Welcome Irish Iggy! Look forward to your travels!

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