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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

euro iggy and the thermal bath

Stepping into the Gellért Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool was quite a breathtaking experience for Miss Iggy - she could immediately see why it was considered the most beautiful and luxurious bath in Budapest. Miss Iggy was impressed with its stained glass windows and mosaic tiles.

The thermal baths (with separate sections for men and women), contain water from Gellért hill's mineral hot springs. Not only are they relaxing with their warm temperature, one being 36 degrees Celsius and the other 38, they're also good for joint pains, arthritis and blood circulation.

In the outdoor area, Miss Iggy relaxed for a while at the whirlpool and then moved on to the most exciting part of the Bath: the wave pool! The waves were strong and fast and lasted for about 15 fun-filled minutes. Whoosh!

A must-swim area, too, was the world-famous effervescent pool.

Needless to say, Euro Iggy felt squeaky clean after visiting Gellért Baths!



sounds very nice. how much does it cost to go in?

the donG said...

the second photo is really nice! great structures.

fortuitous faery said...


Princess Ody said...

@wanderlass: with the Budapest Card, one can go in for 3000 Forint (around 10 Euros), the regular price is 3400 Forint though.

For another 3000 Forint, one can get a 20-minute massage

@the dong: thank you! it's an amazing building

@connie: indeed!

fortuitous faery said...

10 euros? that's not bad!

MJ said...

wow! so jealous of ms iggy :D

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