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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Overlooking the Hudson River

Sometimes, being "lost" has its advantages. It leads you to unexpected places that you wouldn't have known existed. Like this overlook point with a breath-taking view of the Hudson River in upstate New York when Miss Iggy was on her way to West Point Academy for some military sightseeing in early April (which explains why the trees and mountains still look barren).

Most people think of New York City when they hear New York. They don't realize that Manhattan is a small island and beyond that small island is a whole new world filled with mountains, lakes and forests. Miss Iggy welcomed the experience as a "scenic detour."


ian said...

i fully agree =] we somehow got lost going from NJ to west point almost a decade ago, we never got there, but we saw something more beautiful i dare say.

may we always have time to be lost. may we always be aware of wonder...

fortuitous faery said...

ian: really? haha, so i'm not alone in "getting lost" trying to get to west point! thanks for sharing your experience. and hey, maybe you'll find your way to west point next time around. it's really worth a visit!

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