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Sunday, July 19, 2009


We went to Laos in March. From Phnom Penh, we took a bus going north to Stung Treng province and crossed the Dong Kralor Cambodian-Lao border the following morning to Paxse, in Champasak Province. There where we took the evening sleeper-bus for a 12-hour travel to the capital Vientiane. It was a long and tiring journey but we welcomed the adventure.

Miss Igorota and the pride of Laos
Khmer Iggy and the pride of Laos - the popular chicken laap and Beer Lao

Dining out was the highlight of our holiday with Miss Iggy enjoying chicken laap tremendously, a deliciously spicy dish made from finely chopped chicken meat (also available in pork and duck), mixed with stock, chilli, spices and crushed dry-fried rice grains that are uncooked, and served with sticky rice and fresh vegetables. And it was never eaten without a bottle or two of Beerlao, which is pleasantly smooth and light.


fortuitous faery said...

looks like she's ready to lapdance for that laap! :P

Sreisaat said...

Ahahaha... but look at that snotty look on her face!

MJ said...

hahaha! very cute!

Laos_info said...

I like the doll next to the beer lao bottle

Sreisaat said...

Thanks, Laos_info. We like her (a lot) too!

Sreisaat said...

Thanks, MJ.

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