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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Radical Rideau Canal


Jersey Iggy says "bonjour" from the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada....a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

This historic waterway stretching 202 kms. was originally built for military strategic purposes during the early 19th century, when Great Britain and the United States rivaled each other for control of this region.

Nowadays, this scenic length of Canadian Heritage River offers boat tours, bike trails, and more popularly--the venue for the Winterlude Festival, where it becomes the "world's second longest skating rink" at winter time.

Guess what they eat there to keep themselves warm and fuzzy? BeaverTails! Radical!


Miss Iggy admired the night lights reflected on Rideau Canal. Too bad she didn't catch the last boat tour.


Sidney said...

Must be fun skating there during Winter time while eating beaver tails !

*~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Very cute blog. :-)

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