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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Iggy at the Cafe Mezzanine

Different kinds of siopao, among other gustatory delights

Cafe Mezzanine, the Volunteer Fireman's Coffee Shop, is located at Ongpin corner Nueva Streets in Binondo, Manila.  
The placemat has a name game you can play while waiting for your order to arrive.
The little line at the bottom reads "Part of the revenue of Cafe Mezzanine will be donated to Binondo Volunteer Fire Search & Rescue Brigade."  Cool!

Schoolgirl Iggy had lunch here.  She was very hungry, so...

...she had camaron rebosado (shrimp coated with flour-and-egg batter and then fried), asado (thin slices of roast marinated pork loin), and pata tim (braised pork hocks)!

oh, and her favorite sauteed mushrooms, too!

Miss Iggy was so full, her tummy had no space for dessert anymore!  Next time, she thought, I'll save some space for ice cream!


fortuitous faery said...

Pork Paradise! Yum! Also, the drawings on the Name Game are cute!

fortuitous faery said...

Just noticed that this was actually the 500th post on Miss Iggy's blog! Yay!

Princess Ody said...

i want to try the ube pao! :)

wow, 500 posts! here's to 500 more!

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