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Sunday, August 15, 2010

miss iggy rides the pasig ferry

miss iggy wants you to guess where she is. Hullo from Hulo!

miss iggy brandishing tickets. one for her minder and one for her, of course.

tada! she's going on a river cruise! stay afloat miss iggy!

miss iggy boarded m/v pasig also known as the pasig river ferry to see what's it like to cruise down pasig river. it's totally a world different from what we normally see when we travel by road or track in the metropolis. miss iggy recommends you try it some time.

she saw a tugboat graveyard of some sort:

and a whole lot of other live boats such as these:
she learned that the old rubber wheels on the side act as bumpers for when the boat is docking.

for the passengers' safety, there are life vests under the seats:

and an emergency stop:


in a good 30 minutes or so, miss iggy found herself in manila. and here she is under the quiapo bridge:


is all lovely, her cruise, miss iggy says. but the river still needs a lot of help:


murky river is murky.


fortuitous faery said...

I've been on a ferry boat on the Pasig River way back in college for a report we did. It was airconditioned inside and I videotaped our mini cruise. :P

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

Ok pala ang ferry no. Sana ma-try ko yan. Mas ok na din ang Pasig river ngayon kesa nung first time kong nagpunta sa Manila. At that time, sobrang baho pa. Sana nga tuloy-tuloy na ang paglinis nang Pasig. Ok na OK sana sya maisama sa tourist attractions.

gingmaganda said...

what was the ferry called back then? same lang? this ferry was airconditioned too, it was a fun ride :)

fortuitous faery said...

shiera: amen to a progressive pasig river!

ging: definitely not "hulo!" it didn't really have a trade name back then! hehe.

lauren said...

mr. ige and i were able to ride the ferry from escolta to guadalupe last year! :) i agree with miss iggy though, the river still needs a lot of help. it was quite sad seeing all the garbage (still) floating around.

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