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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ahoj from Praha!

 Wandering Iggy thinks her NPA state is not that bad.
In fact, last Wednesday she took an overnight train to Prague, Czech Republic.

We managed to get a good deal on the sleeper train. We were lucky to get a direct booking. (cos we don't want to change trains in the middle of the night in Berlin or Copenhagen, where we are supposed to be sleeping soundly (reads: watching our heroes marathon).
MissIggy inside her sleeper train cabin.

Astronomical Clock. hmm. does it say time?

the trams were compact and groovy

Charles Bridge and the Charles Bridge Jazz band. :)

Befriending a Czech foot soldier. Clearly has no idea how to pose with dolls.

then..she meets Frank Gehry for the first time. (and she's meeting him again, soon!)


fortuitous faery said...

Miss Iggy is making friends in Prague! My dream place to visit! I should try letting strangers pose with Miss Iggy, but the problem in New York City is that they ask tips from you when you do that. :P

Princess Ody said...

the charles bridge jazz band is awesome! the vocalist looks like an older jack johnson :)

lauren said...

wow, that train sure is cute! the foot soldier pose is adorable :D Prague really looks like an interesting place to visit!

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