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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun & Fire Trucks At The Fall Festival

Autumn spells harvest time in the United States. It's a time when fields yield the fruits of a summer's worth of sowing. It's also the time for Fall Festivals such as this one that Miss Iggy attended for the first time in the Jersey town of Denville.


This annual event was recently revived to the delight of families in the area. It had been extinct for several years.


And there were fire trucks for kids and adults alike to climb and explore! 


There was a farmer's market selling fall favorites. It's hardly a "harvest festival" without these!

Painted pumpkins! A pirate one even!

Crafty vendors sold interesting things like these pinecone-shaped "firestarters," presumably to use at your fireplace, not to be pyromaniacs. Or maybe to be used as regular scented candles.


Wooden lawn decor for the "ber" holidays!

This porky sign is actually for the antiques section, not for meats as one might think. 


There was even a "Berry-Go-Round" which Miss Iggy thought was berry cute! Miss Iggy loves strawberries! She hopes next year's Fall Festival will be bigger and better!

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