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Friday, November 5, 2010

Fiesta Time!

Miss Iggy loves fiestas! In the Philippines, there's always a fiesta somewhere in the islands all year-round! This one was at Pilar, Capiz last May 28-30, 2010. It's called the "Tagbu-an" Festival which coincides with the Feast of the Holy Trinity, as it is the town's religious patron. Since it has no fixed date, the fiesta alternates between May or June depending on the religious event mentioned.

Here's Miss Iggy with the official map of the municipality of Pilar as displayed inside the town hall. The fiesta's name "Tagbu-an" comes from the local dialect's root word "Tagbo," meaning "to meet." Since fortuitous faery's hometown is by the sea, most people are fishermen. The act of welcoming back fishermen with their catch of the day is called "Tagbu-an." Of course, what are festivals without merrymaking noise from happy townsfolk, such as these charming little banduria-playing girls?


And there were beautiful dancers in vibrant costumes, too!


There was a street-dancing competition in which dancers from different "baranggays" or town boroughs interpreted the same folk song. They were judged according to costume, choreography, and overall presentation.

Here's a short clip of a group's dance interpretation:

Miss Iggy had so much fun!

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