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Monday, January 31, 2011

Greetings from Pais Vasco

All jet-lagged from her East Coast trip a few days back, Wander Iggy's dainty feet started itching again. And it's not athlete's foot. :) Waking up on an early Saturday morning in Amsterdam, we trudged our heavy human-sized baggage and headed South er... North, in the land of pintxos, the Nervion river and Euskera.

Bilbao is the capital of the province of Biscay, an autonomous community in the Basque province. Formerly a heavy industrial town, this metropolitan area was transformed--revitalized, as they describe it. Usually associated with the 'Guggenheim Effect', the city delivered beyond the iconic structure's symbolic association by winning the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize (reads: the Pritzker of Urban Planning) at the World Cities Summit in May 2010.

More Pictures, hopefully soon. :)

Wander Iggy and the Becky

This city will be Wander Iggy's home por seis meses. 

El Museo de Guggenheim. This makes for Miss Iggy's second Guggenheim museum 
and second Gehry sighting. This picture was taken from the other side of the river. 
Can you see the Maman as well? 

Just across the Guggenheim is our new hang out: the University of Deusto. 

Oh my, that's a very big gracht. :)

'Gee, he's not a puppy anymore.' :) Or, as the Spanish call it, el perro

1 comment:

fortuitous faery said...

Bienvenido a Bilbao! Hey, Miss Iggy has speen that Maman spider in Ottawa before! :)

That Guggenheim sure looks like a giant foil ribbon. :P

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