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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Salamanca beckons

A few hours away from Madrid by train is Salamanca, of the province of Castille y Leon. 
On our way to this UNESCO world heritage site we passed by the famous medieval walls of Avila. 
It was like stepping into another world. And we've got pictures.

This magical city is prettiest at night. 

where the entire old town is all lit-up.

Miss Iggy at Plaza Mayor.

Come sundown the buildings all look golden.

Day time. Not bad, I'd say. :) 

and the cheapest and tastiest pinchos we've ever had in our entire life.

Hasta luego,
Wander Iggy


witsandnuts said...

So sparkling shot of Plaza Mayor. Beautiful place especially at night!

lauren said...

Oooo look at all the pretty lights! Salamanca is really magical :)

fortuitous faery said...

I tried to Google if "Salamanca" did mean "magic" in Spanish but the results only confirmed it was a place in Spain.

Nevertheless, the sights truly deserve its UNESCO WHS status. :)

The Becky said...

ang weird noh, I've always associated Salamanca with salamankero--magical people. Oh well, it's like Chorizo de Bilbao (google that. hehe)

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