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Monday, April 4, 2011

Miss Iggy in Sopron, Hungary

Just 45 minutes away from Vienna by train lies the Hungarian city known for its affordable spa and dental services, Sopron. Though neither on a mission to get a massage, nor to get a dental check-up, Miss Iggy happily took a train from the Wien Meidling terminal for a day trip to Sopron. 

Welcome to Sopron!

Miss Iggy climbed a hill to see Lake Ferto

View of Lake Ferto, to the Austrians, also known as Neusiedler See, a popular summer vacation spot

Not only was Miss Iggy surprised to learn that Sopron is known for its wine,
she was also amazed to see what a vineyard looks like in winter!

Miss Iggy and the Sopron's Loyalty Memorial

Miss Iggy and a Marian column at the Main Square

After a day of hiking and sightseeing, Miss Iggy says goodbye to Sopron at the train terminal.
She hopes to be back for a massage next time


fortuitous faery said...

45 minutes will only get me to Jersey City. *groan*

witsandnuts said...

I liked most the vineyard shot!

The Becky said...

dental services ftw! :)

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