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Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Spanish City a Day: The Wander Iggy Challenge

Where does one go, on an Easter school break?
Out of Bilbao, perhaps?
West? Center? South?

Yes, we did. :)

The Becky and Wander Iggy embarked on their first ever woman-doll *solo* travel during the holy week break. They took the bus from Bilbao to Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela to Burgos to Granada to Sevilla to Salamanca, and back to Bilbao in six days. 

This covered the provinces of Asturias, Galicia, Castille y Leon and Andalucia. 5 words to sum it up: trip of a life time.

DAY1: Oviedo

Oviedo, which is the capital city of Asturias as charming. No wonder Woody Allen loved it here. It was a mixture of old and new, without losing that authentic Asturias flavour (simply means: sidras (or cider) abound, and glorious ). Wander Iggy with the sculpture called 'The Traveller'. 

DAY 2: Santiago de Compostela

Being the capital of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela is famous for being the final destination of the Camino de Santiago (St James' Way). Pilgrims arrive in hoards, all happy and excited. It's all positive energy everywhere, where you can  see a very diverse type of people hugging and chit chatting.

This archway leads to the square fronting the cathedral. Walking in you can hear Celtic music playing in the background, completing the whole magical experience. NB: It's been known that Galicia shares some of it's history with Ireland.

Being the foodie that she is, Wander Iggy made sure we tasted the Pulpo Gallego. 
Verdict: all worth the long bus ride.

We stayed in this hostal which has this view from the dining area. 

DAY3: Burgos

Short stop to Burgos on a Good Friday morning. Burgos is known for its many churches. 
and El Cid Compeador. :)

Wander Iggy's baby sister demanded to have pictures of herself taken. 
And that they must be solo pictures.

DAY4: Granada

Venturing towards the South, mainly Al andalus, it was a different Spain altogether. It was a very fascinating moment--all these striking differences sinking in, giving you a better picture of the country. 

Wander Iggy at the Mirador San Nicolas, overlooking the Alhambra. 

DAY 5: Sevilla

Sevillas was like a scene out of the movies, during the time of the Dons y Doñas. 

Wander Iggy checking out the Alcazar.

Our first Flamenco performance ever. Very memorable night.

DAY 6: Salamanca

On our way to Bilbao, we stopped by a few hours at Salamanca.
Okay, we had our regular Salamanca fare-- pinchos de planchadas. :)


doi said...

buti pa si miss iggy, gala ng gala! :D

fortuitous faery said...

what an amazing solo adventure! was señor panelomo okay with this trip?

i never got to try anything pulpo in puerto rico's kioscos, which i regret. :P

gingmaganda said...

haha! hello to miss iggy's baby sister!

fortuitous faery said...

que bata pa...gusto nang maging independente ng bulilit na iggy! :P

lauren said...

ohmygulay miss iggy you must have a lot of moles on your talampakan! :D muchos kilometros!
and i must say, i love that Granada pic with the Persian (?) lanterns!

The Becky said...

@conniechiwa-well, you can imagine the numerous international calls made from Singapore to Spain, and the time difference factor. haha. i don't think he's got much of a choice. :D

ah, you have to try the pulpo next time. Sosmaryosep. yun lang. :)

@gingmaganda-imagine my horror when I reviewed my initial photos and she's not there! Must have gone to the cafe for a quick chocolate con churros. :P

@lauren- Hah, the special one week bus pass (bus all you can in Spain) is actually called 'Kilometriko'. Super aliw!

Granada, like the rest of Al Andalus is highly influenced by moorish culture. On our way there, the signs turned Arabic, which was funny kasi kala ko nasobrahan na naman ako ng sidra. :)

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