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Friday, June 24, 2011

La Igorota en Donostia

Wander Iggy at Playa la Concha.

Hola from Donostia, more popularly known as the city of San Sebastian here in Spain. Also found in the Basque country, Donostia is the capital of Gipuzkoa (like Bilbao is the capital of Bizkaia). San Sebastian is known to be a summer destination of royalties in the past, having been part of  "La Belle Epoque". Today it boasts of being foodie heaven, having three of the top ten michelin star chefs in the world. We went there with two lists--one for the sights, and a rather longer one for the pintxos bars and restaurants we need to 'visit'. We have to *taste* for ourselves. 

La la la la...Concha, as the name suggests is shaped like a shell. 
we think the elves frequent this area when they decide whether fighting for Mordor is righteous. hehe.
View from *erm* below.  Don't you just love these type of coastlines? 
These hand rail designs date back to decades ago, they are said to be uniquely San Sebastian.
the haciendero/a vibes.
old town.
Pintxos crawl.  
After visiting two more pintxos bars and a superb dinner we have concluded that San Sebastian is indeed a place where food is taken seriously. Of course we could have just taken Anthony Bourdain's word for it, but it pays to double check. And boy does it taste delicious. 

Aguuur Donostia. Hasta luego!


fortuitous faery said...

Who needs Rick Steves when we got Miss Iggy and Rica P.? :)

I am quite tempted to sing..."Para BaƱar La Concha!" (instead of Para Bailar La Bamba)

BrainyM said...

The view of Concha is absolutely gorgeous. The shell shape is as nice as a real shell. I can feel the breeze of the moment. It is as nice as watching PSP Porn on the hill top!

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