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Thursday, June 9, 2011

miss iggy at the riverbank

miss iggy went to the riverside in pontevedra, capiz, panay island in the philippines to watch a fluvial parade of saints. upon reaching the riverbank she found only one saint ready to set sail. she thinks the other ones got scared of the rain.

she found this jeepney parked across the riverbank and the jeep's route reminded her of iggy sisterhood bloggers conniechiwa, who hails from pilar, and sreisaat, who hails from roxas city.

and beside saint isidore's boat, were these boats named after one of the iggy sisterhood bloggers.

metaphysical reunions are the best!


fortuitous faery said...

fluvial parades are fun! wait, that just sounded like a tongue twister. :P

the sign "subay sa suba" means "ants on the river," which i find strange. :)

don't forget, miss sreisaat is a roxas city native, too! and ain't it funny you found a fleet of gladys boats? it sure seems we travel together in spirit, indeed.

i swear i saw a boutique in a puerto rican mall with your name on it, but i couldn't capture the sign with my celfone camera. i should have used my regular camera instead.

gingmaganda said...

hi connie! entry amended as per your reminder. thanks! :)

Sreisaat said...

Ging! Mas lalo akong na-homesick sa post mo na ito. I hope in the near future makauwi kami ulit ni din si Khmer Iggy sa Capiz :)

Sreisaat said...

Haha, natawa ako sa last sentence ko, bulol-bulol. Pasensha na po.

gingmaganda said...

hi zj! hehe! i can totally understand kung gaano ka nahohomesick kasi ako nga hindi ako tagarito nakakaramdam din ako ng matinding mingaw. hehe. i think capiz is my spiritual home hehe :)

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