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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sandy Iggy's mosque-hoppping

Miss Iggy by the mosque near Saint Joseph Church, Abu Dhabi

If there's such a thing as mosque-hopping, Sandy Iggy just did that. "Hopping" though didn't mean that she went in any of these interesting structures. Right after getting out of Saint Joseph Church, there's a neighbor mosque in Kaniza corner.

Kaniza's mosque near to Saint Joseph Church, Abu Dhabi

The succeeding photos were taken in the next 15 minutes or so. And guess what? Those were like (just) 20% of what she managed to catch in such timeframe.

One of the mosques in Khalifa Street, Abu Dhabi

Mosque fronting The Souk, Abu Dhabi Central Market

Take note of the megaphones used for the call to prayer (5 times a day)

While it's not too obvious in other mosques, notice the megaphones in each which are instrumental to the five times call to prayer in a day. In Sandy Iggy's homeland, she remembers the church bell's ringing to signal a time of the day.

One of the mosques in Al Falah Street, Abu Dhabi. Near Taha Medical Centre.
The last photo was taken at distant hour just to show how more appealing the mosques are at night. How strange that when something's abundant in our area, we tend to ignore it. Maybe, it's time to put an official album of the UAE mosques (there probably are hundreds in the Emirate of the Abu Dhabi alone!), all of the seven emirates. And of course, it's about time to send a postcard-like Sandy Iggy by the mosque shot to her lovely sisters. :)

1 comment:

kayni said...

that is so true...we tend to ignore what's common. thanks for the postcards sandy iggy.

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