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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Miss Iggy in Bratislava

Back in March, Euro Iggy and her friends set out on several day trips to visit the nearby cities. First stop was Bratislava, Slovakia. Getting there was a breeze with Eurolines' fast and affordable bus - they arrived after 50 minutes with a fare of only €13! 

Miss Iggy took the Prešporok Oldtimer to get to the Bratislava Castle, from where she had an amazing view of the Danube river and the neighboring countries Hungary and Austria 

Miss Iggy and the St. Elizabeth memorial

Schöne Náci was a famous social institution back in the day. Nowadays, his bronze statue still is quite popular with the tourists

a must-try refreshment in Bratislava: their beer!
hey, it's cheaper than water!

Miss Iggy and the Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava's opera house

Miss Iggy was fascinated by the inverted pyramid that is actually radio broadcasting building,
Slovensky Rozhlas

Miss Iggy enjoyed looking at the low, pastel-colored buildings

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fortuitous faery said...

That inverted pyramid is exceptionally Inceptional.


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