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Monday, August 8, 2011

Sandy Iggy's first Ramadan

Sandy Iggy's Ramadan in Marina Mall

Hello everyone! Sandy Iggy's been so quiet lately because she had to go through a 'make over'. While she's protected from the sandstorm and Gulf's heat, she forgot that she's not immune to the waterdrops. Anyway, she's back!

Ramadan started on 1st of August and Sandy Iggy's taking it reasonably, i.e. no eating and drinking whenever she's outside the house, except if it coincides with the iftar to break the fast (dinner after the sun did set). Hence, she's taking biggie-monster meals before going out. :) On the other hand, she's enjoying the made-up Ramadan tents in the malls.

Sandy iggy 's Ramadan in Marina Mall

By coincidence, some pieces of Arabic fabric have so much similarity with the Iggy dolls' clothing. While we're not going to discuss in this post (though it's tempting) who copied who, this wonderful coincidence is bridging Sandy Iggy's homesickness to her homeland.

Ramadan in Khalidiyah Mall

Even the camel's 'clothing line' matched hers!

Ramadan air in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi

Ramadan is a serene and happy occasion. To a certain extent, it's a combination of the observance of fasting during Holy Week and the cheerful air during Christmas.

Sandy Iggy's Ramadan in Marina Mall

Here's a trivia: did you know that Year 2011 as we know it is otherwise referred to by Muslims as Year 1432? That's because Islamic Year is counted from the date Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Madina (in Saudi Arabia).

Sandy Iggy's Ramadan in Marina Mall

Ramadan Kareem to our Muslim readers!


fortuitous faery said...

I had a better understanding of the ritual when a Muslim friend told me she started fasting at age 11. Their suffering helps them appreciate the blessings they have in life.

fortuitous faery said...

Looks like somebody had a Weekend Facelift! :P

Nice observation on the Arabic fabric. :)

witsandnuts said...

What I appreciate about the observance of Holy month of Ramadan is that all the people around me (even non-Muslims) seem to be in their most humble and purest form. :)On the other hand, temper (in so many things especially in driving) is indeed tested particularly in the afternoon due to fasting.

Yes, Sandy Iggy had a facelift! :p

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