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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miss Iggy in Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace

Sandy Iggy paid a visit to Emirates Palace post-Eid to check the Saadiyat (i.e. arabic term that means "a place that provides enlightenment") Museum exhibit; however, photo taking was not allowed but she's got bunch of interesting peeks for you.

Emirates Palace

That's a carpet on the wall showing the entirety of Emirates Palace.

Sandy Iggy in Emirates Palace

Here's Sandy Iggy in the lobby which is really grand, the right photo showing a portion of the ceiling.

Emirates Palace

Above is the ceiling up close. Beautifully intricate.

Sandy Iggy's first camelcinno

Tried a camelcinno for the first time. Well, it tasted like... a capuccino, sweeter version. And of course, there goes the psyche of taking in a camel's milk which can make you more alert and observant of one's self as if you would transform into something foreign. Hahaha.

Gold ATM in Emirates Palace

Moving to the other side, Sandy Iggy tried the gold vending machine which is itself gold plated. But "tried" meant not buying anything because the camelcinno costed a fortune, hahaha, but just tried navigating the (touch)screen.

Gold ATM in Emirates Palace

The gold rates are said to be automatically updated since it's linked to the dealer's system. 

Gold ATM in Emirates Palace

It is reported that currently there are 20 gold vending machines installed worldwide.

Sandy Iggy in Emirates Palace

Sandy Iggy posed by the hallway going to Sayad Restaurant (themed like you are dining underwater). Portions of the ceiling and walls are gold plated as well.

Emirates Palace 2

Emirates Palace is especially beaming at night (more photos here). The dome changes its colors every now and then. Lots of date palm trees within the area.

Ermirates Palace

Sandy Iggy is really enjoying UAE's winter nowadays and recently did a concert marathon (performers Britney Spears, The Cult, Incubus and Sir Paul McCartney) as part of the F1 after-race concerts.

1 comment:

Beth Niquette said...

Good grief! A gold vending machine?! That is amazing...I've never heard of such a thing. This place is so incredible, as is Miss Iggy.

I love your blog.

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