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Friday, September 12, 2008

UP Main Library


some itty-bitty facts about Gonzales Hall known as the UP Main Library:

1. this is where the original Oblation statue is stored (3rd floor)
2. favorite jump-off point for suicidal people
3. is built on sinking ground (it is said that it sinks about an inch per year. haha)
4. for sleep-deprived students, this is an excellent place for napping.
5. it is now a wifi hotspot! yay!
6. used to be where the College of Fine Arts is at.
7. now housing the Institute of Library Science.
8. the UP Mountaineers tambayan is located beside the building.
9. ironic enough that the up fair is held on the sunken garden where the main lib is located. concerts rock the entire place haha


10. it is opposite these street signs:


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