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Thursday, September 11, 2008

yao ming igorota!

guess what came in my mailbox today!

a new igorota doll from the gorgeous gingmaganda! and she's much taller, too!

i showed her to my sister and she looked at me incredulously. she thinks i'm crazy trying to photograph this doll in public places. haha. she doesn't understand that this is a collaborative art project.

her green outfit matches my j.crew purse perfectly, too!

thank you, ging! i'm not disposing the old one...but this new doll will come with me to new york this friday! :)


gingmaganda said...

lurvely photos! ang cute niya, mukhang walang jetlag haha

fortuitous faery said...

yes, parang eveready battery--pangmatagalan! haha.

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