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Monday, October 6, 2008

high point monument

miss igorota is proud to have reached the highest point of elevation in the entire state of new jersey at high point monument located in sussex county.

the monument sits on top of a mountain at 1,803 feet. it was terribly chilly there when she went that she felt underdressed. the view was spectacular, though because she could see across port jervis, new york, pennsylvania and the rest of sussex county, new jersey.

more high point photos coming up soon....


ces said...

nice shots!

jena isle said...

This is an awesome view Ms, Igorota. May I ask what part of the Boondocks you're from? I'm from Kalinga. Thanks for sharing and Happy blogging.

Ken said...

Cool thing. I like this. I will be following your adventure from time to time.

fortuitous faery said...

thank you for visiting and for the encouraging words, ces, jena isle and ken! :)

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