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Sunday, November 9, 2008

miss iggy got tagged!

miss iggy's job is usually just to travel and say cheese (like she did here inside the space lab at
space center houston in texas, taken last april), but she felt obliged to respond to miss veronica escudero's "7" tag...

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7 random facts about miss igorota:
  • she is a souvenir doll that one can usually buy in baguio city (benguet province, philippines). the three igorota dolls featured in this travel blog are all from strawberry farm in la trinidad, benguet, purchased by gingmaganda. strawberry farms are something of a novelty in a tropical country such as the philippines. you have to take a special trip in the northern highlands to reach this place.
  • her name "miss igorota" came to mind when fortuitous faery recalled the 1968 movie "igorota" which starred the late miss charito solis as a tribal princess.
  • the doll above is the original one given by gingmaganda to fortuitous faery. you can see the threads of her headgear unraveling down her face...signs of being toted around in a purse far too many times. in much later photos, her eye gets smeared with moisture from a water bottle inside a purse.
  • fortuitous faery currently travels with a second igorota doll also sent in by gingmaganda. it's a taller version that requires a bigger purse to carry around.
  • "miss iggy" is her nickname. the bloggers who photograph her are collectively known as the "sisterhood of the traveling igorota," coined after "the sisterhood of the traveling pants."
  • miss iggy's first travel photo was at quiapo church in manila, philippines--home of the famous and much-venerated black nazarene.
  • miss iggy's newest travel buddy is princess ody in vienna, austria. miss iggy is excited to be in europe!
miss iggy won't be tagging 7 other people, instead she's just tagging gingmaganda and princess ody.


ZJ said...

Wow - well-traveled si Miss Iggy ha. Kailangan niya ba ng personal assistant kapag nagbi-byahe? A-apply sana ako e :)

Babette said...

I think Ms. Igorota needs a make-over. :o) It's nice to know more about her and her sisters. I enjoy looking at the photos.

fortuitous faery said...

zj, it would be great if miss iggy traveled around cambodia with you! haha.

babette: this igorota doll has been replaced by a new one. but she has traveled far and wide before retiring! hehe.

ZJ said...

Ti, okay na okay guid sa akon if Miss Iggy wants to travel with me! I'll take her to Angkor Wat, pramis :)

fortuitous faery said...

zj: miss iggy would LOVE to see cambodia!!! :)

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