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Sunday, December 21, 2008

back to the middle ages

Miss Iggy went to Ronneburg, a castle on top of a hill in a town with the same name in Germany. She was awestruck by the medieval characters walking around - witches, knights, swordsmiths.

Miss Iggy with a knight in shining armor

Baskets full of magically intoxicating potions

What's brewing? See the black cloak on the left side of the photo? That belonged to a witch.

Even St. Nick paid a surprise visit to the Christmas Market!


fortuitous faery said...

oh what fun! did you buy any magic potion?

the girl kinda looks like hermione granger....hehe.

the donG said...

so lucky miss iggy to have reached such places.

Princess Ody said...

@ connie: unfortunately we didn't buy any magic potion! aside from those potions, there was beer (but it was too cold to drink beer) and christmas punch (but that doesn't taste so good).

she DOES look like hermione granger, LOL!

@ miss iggy is one well-travelled igorota...doll domination

gingmaganda said...

attack of the middle ages! ayy!

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