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Monday, January 5, 2009

globe - connecting people


Miss Iggy says Servus to all her followers around the globe! This year will surely be filled with more travels and adventures. Happy 2009! 


fortuitous faery said...

hmmm. i wonder if she'll get to set foot in south america someday, as this globe shows. :P

iceah said...

hey bakit di kna bumubisita at nagcocomment di i by any chance ofended you? sorry kung may time na ganoon hope your doing well c:

fortuitous faery said...

happy new year, iceah!

miss iggy still drops ECs whenever she can. it's just that her blog is maintained by 5 different bloggers (try to check the "posted by" part of the entries), it's not just one person!

not everyone gets to drop by other people's blogs, but that doesn't mean your comments are not appreciated! :)

no offense taken! thanks!

roentarre said...

You are really starting something very interesting here. She does make friends easily!

fortuitous faery said...

roentarre: she's trying to be an ambassadress of good will...and travel thrills! hehe.

the donG said...

she's actuaqlly getting popular!

fortuitous faery said...

dong: we hope so! :)

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