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Friday, January 16, 2009

miss igorota loves lapu-lapu

the giant statue of lapu-lapu, a tribal chieftain from mactan island in cebu, philippines, stands tall at luneta (rizal park) in manila right beside the department of tourism building.

lapu-lapu happens to be the very first filipino native to have resisted the spanish invaders. he is immortalized in the history books as the one who killed portuguese explorer ferdinand magellan in 1521 in the shores of mactan in what is known as "the battle of mactan."

lapu-lapu is featured on the official logo of the philippine national police.

lapu-lapu also stars in filipino comedian/singer yoyoy villame's song "magellan" which narrates in humorous rhyme the philippines' discovery, introduction to christianity, and the tragic demise of magellan in the hands of this moorish warrior from cebu.

miss iggy wonders what the philippines would have been like if the spanish had never invaded and colonized us.


Sreisaat said...

I didn't know there's a statue of Lapu-lapu at Luneta, akala ko sa Mactan lang *toink* I wonder if Miss Igorota has heard of Lapu-lapu jokes as well *lol*

fortuitous faery said...

the one in luneta is relatively new...of course, the statue in mactan is the original.

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