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Friday, January 23, 2009

of transits, high places and dentists

Dearest Girls...

thanks for the warm welcome! Apologies if it took me some time to post anything. The past week has been super hectic, and Im bracing myself for more things (surprises?) to come--aside from my flaky internet connection at home, that is. :) anyway, Im still a happy camper, so here are few notes (pardon my engrish and spelling, so bad :)):

Miss Iggy, in all her purpleness made her way to Singapore last week. I was so ecstatic to find her in my mailbox I had to show her around my humble abode (although the real reason for this 'urgency' rests on the fact that I--we're flying to Manila in a few hours time, and the girls had to meet her before we leave). Talk about long haul flights and transits, huh? Logistically speaking, she's travelled from Baguio to Cainta, Cainta to New Jersey, New Jersey to Singapore, then from Singapore back to Manila (--er, Laguna). So far she's been to Tagaytay, Binondo, SM Sta Rosa and my dentist. :P

1. flying 'budget' (below): we flew via Jetstar which tickets we got cheap, cos we booked early (Nov, I think). The flight has no meals included, altho you can buy cup noodles and the like, onboard. Think cup noodles for 180 pesos (6 SGD). And yes--the seatbealts and life vests were free, no charges at all. :P

2. Taal Volcano shot #5657433. I'll give a writeup about this by the time I come back to my senses--er, post wedding. Dont worry--this will be Miss Iggy's first of how many more visits to Tagaytay this two weeks (adik!).

3. and just like any self-respecting Filipino who goes to Tagaytay (soo true), Miss Iggy gets her cuppa from wherelse... Starbucks.

4. I think everyone will agree that dental services in the Philippines are waaayyy much cheaper than... I dunno--anywhere you've been to? :) They're trying to prime up medical tourism in the country by getting some of these specialty clinics (esp the big ones) to offer packages that include hotel stay, airfare, spa, side trips (to the malls...yes, I just said malls) and what have you.


fortuitous faery said...

hi! so glad to know you're still bright and purple despite the crazy schedule! haha.

i totally agree about the dental services...i had them done while i was there recently, too!

wow us with the views in tagaytay! woohoo!

fortuitous faery said...

i see kermit is part of the trip...i can imagine his conversation with purple iggy:

kermit: it's not easy being green!
purple iggy: it's not easy being purple! but i look gorgeous in it!


happy trails to you, singapurple iggy!

roentarre said...

This trip seems like a painless one :)

the donG said...

wow! she also likes starbucks!

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