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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Okorn charan!

Dropping a quick thank you to our dear Fortuitous Faery for the fantastic Christmas presents... I am in awe that you managed to organise and send this to us amidst the frenzy of the Christmas season.

pressie from Jersey Iggy

Okorn charan!
That's how we say thank you very much in Khmer language, and the first few Khmer phrases that Khmer Iggy picked up from her local admirers :) Khmer Iggy and I love every thing that was in the parcel - the Miss Igorota fridge magnet, the Papemelroti card, the postcard, and the cute stamps and the ziggy sticker, too.

Khmer Iggy and Jersey Iggy

As you can see, we have the Miss Igorota fridge-magnet already on display. It is a splendid addition to my collection and a great accompaniment to my Korean doll-magnets. Of course, Khmer Iggy wants to share a photo of her and shout out soksabay (hello) to the gang.


fortuitous faery said...

you're very welcome! it's nice of you to feature almost every detail of the pressie, down to the stickers!

the kep lodge & korean couple magnets are kute!--er, cute!

thanks--okorn charan for the handy khmer phrases! we're going places AND learning languages! :)

Sreisaat said...

Hehehe, detalyado ba? Ganado lang siguro ako mag-blog :)
Salamat liwat.

roentarre said...

Stunning calendars and cards. Very nice to receive such wonderful gifts!

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