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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

anita's asian fusion

no matter where filipinos are around the world, they will always crave for the familiar home-made food they grew up loving. that's why when jersey iggy found out that there's a filipino-owned restaurant close to where she lives, she happily dropped by for dinner and sampled their menu. she's also thrilled to know that when the urge for pinoy food strikes, she doesn't have to go all the way to far-away jersey city or bloomfield.


anita's asian fusion is a cozy little restaurant which offers select asian and filipino dishes. for our entrees, we ordered chop suey (because fortuitous faery is trying to increase her fiber intake, haha)...

chop suey

"binagoongang baboy" which is chunks of pork sauteed in flavorful (and not too salty) shrimp paste:

binagoongang baboy

and not photographed was the kare-kare or the oxtail stew with shrimp paste. they also serve you free soup and salad for appetizers.

the owners of the place confide in their homepage that it was their "nomadic lifestyle" that inspired them to engage in this business. at one point, they had lived in baguio where anita had started a pastry-making business which would become the forerunner for this jersey restaurant.

another thing worth visiting this place for is their empanadas! they cost only 87 cents each and are delicious! they're easily miss iggy's favorite take-out items. we ordered 2 dozens to take home.

anita's asian fusion restaurant is located at 538 Route 10 West, Ledgewood, New Jersey. they're closed on mondays. check out their huge aquarium with really plump fishies.


Filipina Blogger said...

I just found a Filipino food stall in a foodcourt here in Singapore. It's treu no matter where we are, we still love our own;)

Thanks for visiting!
Hope to see you again there.

fortuitous faery said...

i know the feeling of spotting a filipino food joint in a place where there's hardly any--it's like winning on bingo. hehe.

thanks for dropping by as well, pinayjade. :)

Gem said...

Nice! With so many Filipinos I think you will still feel at home. Those dishes look very delicious.

I love kare-kare! :-)

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