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Thursday, February 12, 2009

what's your favorite ice dream flavor?

Vienna Vixen Iggy in front of Vienna City Hall and the Vienna Ice Dream

Cold winter days are great for staying indoors and drinking hot chocolate, but they're also perfect for ice skating.

Vienna Vixen Iggy went to the Rathausplatz (City Hall plaza) to check out the Vienna Ice Dream 2009 because it promises pure amusement on ice. Where once was the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market), now is an ice-covered path of over 400 meter in length, just for ice skating. Cool!

For beginners in need of a little practice before stepping on the ice, there is a small practicing area. Children & beginners of all ages may use this area in the afternoon.

Hungry skaters need not worry as there are cabins selling food and drinks, as well as as a sidewalk cafe nearby.

Skaters can move and groove along (a great way to fight the cold!) to music played by Radio Wien DJs.

While the Vienna Ice Dream assures us that they never run out of rentable skates and have a wide range of sizes (sizes 26 to 50), they don't have Miss Iggy's size!

The Vienna Ice Dream remains a reality until March 8, 2009 and is opened from 9 AM to 11 PM.


fortuitous faery said...

vienna on ice! how magical! i'm an ice-skating-phobe, though. :P

New Morden world – A Travel Blog said...

really nice photo.keep it up

Lin said...

Oh, that is sooo lovely! Looks like fun! Poor Miss Iggy who couldn't skate. :(

Ody said...

@FF: very magical, indeed! it's quite fun, you should try it! :)

@new modern world: thank you! miss iggy's very photogenic, isn't she?

@lin: thanks lin, i'll try to smuggle her in next time, haha!

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